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uMerchants is a one-stop merchant solution for businesses to get their products and services online quickly. With uMerchants you can select a package that meets your needs, and get your online site ready for commerce within a short period of time. We also provide additional merchant services that tie together with the main uMerchants online services to help bring your brand and business to the next level.

Store Features

All uMerchants plans have a comprehensive feature set already out of the box. With an unlimited amount of products, categories, options and customers you can create in all plans, to features such as reports, an admin dashboard and more, uMerchants has the tools to allow you to run your online store efficiently.

Payments Integrations

With uMerchants, you can accept a large number of different payments from users across the world. We also provide our own payment processing services, which in many cases are more cost effective for our users as well. Whether you want to use our services or those of a 3rd party provider, your customers will always have the same seamless payment process.

Add-on Apps

There are multiple apps available that you can addon to your plans (if your plan doesn't already come with the app integrated). These apps increase the functionality of your store and can dramatically increase your productivity, capabilities or offerings to your customers.

Shipping Integrations

With uMerchants you are able to integrate into many shipping services providers for such things as quoting, label printing, online payments for shipping and other requirements. Each method has its own costs for setup, but once running, are included in your monthly plan costs.

Available Expert Functions

The uMerchants system allows an infinite amount of capabilities that can be added or integrated at your requirement. From merging in data from your existing product management systems with CSVs or managing your entire operation from you dashboard, anything is possible. There are also uMerchants apps for end customers, your sales agents and even for administrators to get access to the cloud management system. These expert functions may be included in some higher tier plans, but are available for other plans with additional monthly and setup cost as well.
Mobile Apps
Apps for Sales Agents, Customers & Admins
Integrate Your System
Whatever your business uses, integrate with uMerchants.
Import/Export CSV
Integration with CSV merging from anywhere.
Custom Forms
Customized forms for your users to use
Point of Sale
Point of Sale for in-person orders
Solutions for Retailers & Wholesalers
Run many stores from same dashboard.
Endless Customization
Custom store design implementations

Online Stores/Cart Compatibility

Many existing online stores and carts are able to be connected to and used (as well as fully migrated from) by the uMerchants system. There are many advantages to letting us manage your online e-business no matter the systems you already use. Let uMerchants clear the headaches of adminstrating your own software, products, technology, design and other tasks. Focus on what you do best, let us take care of the rest.