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uPayments is an application uniquely designed for business owners and online store proprietors wishing to accept a variety of payments options. With uPayments, you unlock the ability to effortlessly accept payments in a diverse range fiat options such as Stripe and Paypal as well as of cryptocurrencies, including custom tokens (ERC20, etc.) and other assets (eg. NFTs). uPayments offers you the flexibility to establish decentralized or fully managed wallet systems, all tailored to your preferences. What sets uPayments apart from most solutions is the option to go from running your own payment nodes and a fully decentralized payment infrastructure, to being able to mid centrally curate a list of approved wallet addresses for seamless transactions without fully distributed nodes, or you can entrust payment management to our expert uMerchants, including convenient payout to fiat options from cryptocurrency earnings. Integrated AML/KYC Tools allow additional management of payments, customers and security analytics, while additional 3rd party integrations extend the capability of this app even more. The power of uPayments extends beyond your online store, seamlessly integrating with uSwap and other uMerchants services as well as POS (Point of Sale) solutions and in-person payments. Join the digital revolution with uPayments and revolutionize your payment ecosystem today.

Want To Receive Additional Discounts on uMerchants?

There are multiple ways to receive awesome discounts on all our products and services (or for certain items as they come up!).   Each type of discount may require a different type of pre-requisite before it is applied.  Read the following for more information.

Quantity Discounts (Sets):

For each set of product/service you add to your order (click the steppers beside the Add To Cart button on each product page), you are eligible to receive discounts.  These discounts are currently as follows:

2 Sets
3 Sets
4 Sets
5 Sets
6 Sets
1% off 2% off 3% off 4% off 5% off
7 Sets 8 Sets 9 Sets 10 Sets 11+ Sets
6% off 7% off 8% off 9% off 10% off

* These discounts are applicable to all of our services and will be calculated on a per-product basis directly on the product page as you increase/decrease the amount of sets before adding to cart.  Buy more to enjoy more savings!

Unverification Level Discounts:

As part of the uEcosystem, users who hold various levels of UCASH in their wallets (starting from 0!) will receive bonus discounts according to their holdings level. No transactions are ever made on-chain, so no fees are paid to get Unverified

Even getting your account e-mail address Unverified without any UCASH balance will still get you to Tier 2 of the discounts levels. This will give you 0.5% off all products and services just for going through the work of downloading a Web3 extension like Metamask, creating a wallet on it, and verifying your e-mail address on the Unverification website. No funds or transactions needed!

The current UCASH holdings level required to achieve the various premium tiers are as follows:

Tier Level: Tier Name UCASH Unverified Discount %
Tier 01: User N/A UCASH 0.0% off
Tier 02: Unverifier 0 UCASH 0.5% off
Tier 03: Ucasher
1.0% off
Tier 04: Upstarter
3,500 UCASH
1.5% off
Tier 05: Undefier
20,000 UCASH
2.0% off
Tier 06: Upriser
35,000 UCASH
2.5% off
Tier 07: Unveiler
90,000 UCASH
3.0% off
Tier 08: Unlocker
180,000 UCASH
3.5% off
Tier 09: Upgrader
350,000 UCASH
4.0% off
Tier 10: Upscaler
550,000 UCASH
4.5% off
Tier 11: Uplifter
750,000 UCASH
5.0% off
Tier 12: Upholder
900,000 UCASH
5.5% off
Tier 13: Upkeeper
1,000,000 UCASH
6.0% off
Tier 14: Unmaker
1,200,000 UCASH
6.5% off
Tier 15: Unbreaker
1,400,000 UCASH
7.0% off
Tier 16: Unchainer
1,700,000 UCASH
7.5% off
Tier 17: Unleasher
2,100,000 UCASH
8.0% off
Tier 18: Unearther
2,500,000 UCASH
8.5% off
Tier 19: Uniter
2,800,000 UCASH
9.0% off
Tier 20: Uclipser
3,100,000 UCASH
9.5% off
Tier 21: Universer
3,500,000 UCASH
10.0% off

* These numbers will update over time as liquidity and markets change on UCASH.  Unlike the Quantity/Sets discount listed above, the Unverification discounts will be visible at checkout only, before payment.

uAgent Discounts:

Have a coupon or tracking code/link from a uMerchants uAgent? Use it to get additional discounts on your purchases! These are available only directly from our uAgent team. Search for them online, or look out on social media for these special discounts.

Enterprise Purchase Discounts:

Want to order a really large quantity and/or consistent products and services over time?  We offer special Enterprise level discounts for pre-approved partners. Get in touch with us at our Contact Page for more information.

Seasonal Specials:

Every year around special events, holidays, seasons and other occasions, we will release specialty discounts on our site. Stay tuned by subscribing to our Newsletter and visiting the site regularly!

Coupon Codes / Gift Certificates:

We regularly share Coupon Codes and special prizes as Gift Certificates through e-mail, marketing campaigns, socials and other locations. Follow us everywhere and participate in bounties to receive special rewards and discounts!

Receive UCASH Rewards on every purchase:

All users earn UCASH rewards on every dollar spent on purchases at the ratio of 1 UCASH per $1 US Dollar (USD) spent on purchases. This means that over time, if you wished, you could keep your UCASH rewards and tier up into higher premium discount brackets! You can also use your UCASH to pay for purchases or use it in bounties, events and other special functionalities.

Bounty Rewards:

Bounties are tasks such as signing up for our newsletter, linking socials, completing questionnaires, referrals, securing your account, marketing, and others that become available for users to complete to earn UCASH rewards. These rewards can then be used for other advanced bounties or functionalities, or to keep to tier up into higher premium discount levels. They can also be used for various other purposes across the uEcosystem.


Periodically, we will give away UCASH rewards to users for special events, celebrations, accomplishments, and other purposes. Stay tuned on our socials and website to take advantage of these limited time giveaways!

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Available Options

Credit Card (Stripe) is available standard with all uPayments plans.

You must create a Stripe account, or have one created for you to be able to use uPayments for credit card payments. This is not required if you are only using the Cryptocurrency features of the app.  The following additional integrated payment options are available as addons on your base plan:

Google Pay
Offer Google Pay as a form of payment for your users.  This integration works via Stripe and can be managed through your existing Stripe account and dashboard. An additional separate direct Google Pay integration is available on uMerchants E-Commerce Plans.

Offer Paypal as a form of payment for your users.  This integration works via Stripe and can be managed through your existing Stripe account and dashboard.  An additional separate direct Paypal integration is available on uMerchants E-Commerce Plans.

Offer 2Checkout as a form of payment for your users.  This integration works via a separate 2Checkout integration and you must have an existing 2Checkout account to use it. 

Cryptocurrency (Standard)
Includes - Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (ETH), Tether (TRX), Tether (BSC), Ripple (XRP), BinanceCoin (BNB), USD Coin (USDC), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Chainlink (LINK), Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Algorand (ALGO) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Custom Tokens (ERC20/BEP20)
Offer any available or newly created ERC20 or BEP20 tokens.  All that is required is the Token Contract Address, the amount of decimal units and the Token Name for integration.

Custom Assets (NFTs/ERC721)
Add any available or newly created NFTs of the ERC721 standard as forms of payment or for additional features into your uPayments instance.  All that is required is your NFT contract address, image/asset addresses and the name of the NFT to get started.

Custom Tokens/Assets (NFTs/ERC1155)
Give any available or newly created NFTs or tokens of the ERC1155 standard as forms of payment or for additional features into your uPayments instance.  Initially created for gaming ecosystems in mind, the ERC1155 standard is highly extensible and integrateable with multiple wallets and services.

The amount of time it takes us to get your initial launch sites up and running.  Timing may vary if there are custom requests or there is an unexpected load on the systems due to usage and launch requests.  If so, we will let you know of any delays or issues.  Once initial launch is completed we will move to the next phase of addons and other integration features requested.  Full instance launch completion times vary on the individual needs of each client.  Most clients are ready fully within 5-7 business days if no additional customization or addons are requested.