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Plans that fit you

The various plans available with uMerchants were created with you in mind. All plans have the ability to showcase an unlimited amount of products, categories, options and more, but plans do differ in other ways. Whatever your requirements, uMerchants has a plan that will fit your needs. Optionally, we also have various addons and services that you can merge into your plans that will either increase the functionality of your store instance, or build value in other ways.


Plans & Addons Pricing

All prices quoted in USD. Any applicable setup fees are amortizable over a 2 year contract period if you qualify.
Unlimited Products
Create an unlimited amount of products for your store.
Unlimited Options
Create an unlimited amount of options for your products.
Unlimited Categories
Create an unlimited amount of categories for your products.
Unlimited Customers
Unlimited Customers for your store are included in all plans.