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One page starter website to showcase your business and services.  Great if you don’t yet require e-commerce features or only want access to discount uMerchants services Our Lite plan allows you to quickly get started..
$42.00 USD
A basic informational, showcase or e-commerce website for your business.  Good if you want to start selling products/services online or want a nice looking info website. Our Basic plan allows you to quickly get started and ..
$88.00 USD
Our Intermediate uMerchants plan has everything you need to be more successful selling online.  Most businesses prefer this plan and its capabilities for daily e-commerce use. The Intermediate plan is for merchants who are ..
$210.00 USD
An advanced plan for merchants requiring customization and functionalities not found in lower tier plans.  Best for E-Commerce deployments with existing inventory systems.    Our advanced plan is for merchants ..
$525.00 USD
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