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One page starter website to showcase your business and services.  Great if you don’t yet require e-commerce features or only want access to discount uMerchants services

Our Lite plan allows you to quickly get started and get a starter website online to inform the public about your business and services.  A simple one-page static design that lets people know what you do, or tell them about the products you sell, is usually the first step in your journey to a full fledged online e-commerce portal. No e-commerce features are available on the Lite Plan, but you can later upgrade your plan to get those features.
  • Choose from Lite Site Designs
  • Includes Home Page, About Page, Contact Page with full functioning contact form.
  • Max 3 social media links
  • Receive 8% off design, marketing and miscellaneous services (*coming soon)
  • Receive 6% off print, signage, hardware and other products (*coming soon)
  • Join the growing uMerchants Digital Business Partner community 
  • Use your affiliate links to make commissions on sales to others automatically
  • Note: some uMerchants do not have a website and use this plan to get access to discounted pricing on other products

Deployment Time:

Our plans are all pre-setup and deployed as an instance for you within a few hours normally (including DNS propagation time, etc.), and you can start selling quickly with prompt communication with us.  That means your online store is up and ready fast with no future delivery waiting time, unless you need special customizations of course!  Some applications, verification and consultation for things like payment processing and shipping capabilities may take extra business days. Additional deployment time can depend on level of customization required by your plan with custom setups that may be required. Some Advanced, Enterprise and Partner ISO plans may take longer to deploy due to the high level of customization requirements.  Monthly charges are calculated from the time of full deployment from us, as setup days (if required) are free of charge.

Requirements & Additional Info:

1) If using a previously owned website domain, it must be directed to the hosting nameservers we provide you.  The DNS (Domain Name System) propagation of your portal contents usually updates within a few hours, but in some cases is known to take up to 48 hours or more. Optionally we can provide a domain for you. 

2) You must provide high-resolution images of your logo.  Optionally we have a logo design (or redesign) service.  These services will incur additional charges.

3) Please provide accurate business information (address, contact, etc.) for your portal.

4) You can use your existing emails or opt for us to setup and host fresh e-mail addresses for you.  This will incur additional charges depending on how many e-mail addresses you require. 

5) We must go through a payment processing merchant application for you to start accepting credit card payments online.  This process usually takes a few business days, but delays may occur if information provided is incorrect or missing.  Optionally you can also setup payment processing services yourself (including Paypal and other providers) and just give us the API information for integration right away. 

6) We must integrate pick-up or shipping options for you.  Pick-up and your own delivery services can be enabled right away, but external shipping methods may take a few business days to fully integrate.  You must provide us your Customer Numbers, and/or API keys for connecting into 3rd party shipment providers.

$42.00 USD per month

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