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30 Mar Putting out our commitment to launch in April of 2020 to help meet your needs
0 549
With the amount of interest we have received over the last few weeks, we are giving you our commitment to launch in April!  Since announcing our intention to move our launch from the end of 2020 to the second quarter of this year, we have received many inquiries requesting us to launch even sooner.  Many businesses need our services during these un..
21 Mar Announcing specialty plans to meet the needs of various businesses
0 579
We are announcing the coming launch of specialty plans on top of our regular plans to meet the needs of various business types.  Not every business can function utilizing our regular e-commerce plans.  Some have unique requirements to operate their business, and as such we are announcing the upcoming launch of specialty plans after the release of o..
12 Mar Accelerating our growth to help businesses during Covid-19 outbreak
0 576
uMerchants is accelerating its planned Q4 launch to Q2 to bring its services to the world.  With the current Covid-19 pandemic wrecking havoc on individuals and businesses worldwide, our team has decided to quickly accelerate our planned public launch timing from the end of this year to April 2020 to help bring its services to the people that need ..
03 Mar uMerchants launches in private beta to bring businesses worldwide online
0 545
uMerchants has launched in private beta to help businesses worldwide come online with easy to setup and use e-commerce portals and packages.  More and more businesses are bringing their offerings to the world wide web, targeting new groups of customers in different areas of the globe.  With this transition comes both opportunity and risk, as not go..
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